Remote Leadership Skills

Case Study

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Project Title: Remote Leadership Skills

Tools Used in Development: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Google Slides, Google Forms, Canva, Articulate Rise, Audacity, Vyond

Time in Development: About 1 month

My Role: Research, Storyboard, Script, Development, Graphic Design, Instructional Design, Video Developer

Client: (Fictional) Sales Company

Collaborators: SME of (Fictional) Sales Company


The (fictional) company specializes in tailor-made sales solutions for their clients. Sales teams comprised of 10-15 people report to a manager, who leads that team to generate business. In a similar fashion, these team managers report to upper management. Recently, the company transitioned to a remote workplace.


With the company adjusting to a new work environment, concerns were raised about employee engagement and productivity while working from home. The company saw a need for training as their managers adjusted to leading teams virtually.


This project provides several solutions for managers to learn about and acquire remote leadership skills, while also guiding them to reflect on their performance. The eLearning course was created in Rise in order to use its interactive tools such as scenarios and quizzes. If management prefers a person to lead this course, the instructor-led training is designed for facilitators to present an interactive presentation virtually. In addition, the infographic created in Canva is a great takeaway for leaders to save on their computers or even print and display near their workspace. Finally, the script and corresponding voice-over is a sample of a training video that will be developed as an additional resource.


Many managers have already voiced positive feedback by specifying skills they could work on or strategies they've decided to implement. The results of these lessons will be formally conducted by comparing surveys given prior to and post-instruction. The managers will be given anonymous evaluations to reflect on their own performance. In addition, employees will also be given anonymous surveys to record their experiences after their leaders complete the course. This data will be used to improve the lessons and lead future instruction.

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